Superb opera productions for your audience!

Add famous productions from Europe’s leading opera houses to your repertoire, or present productions from renowned theatres

OperaConnect saves you time and opens up its international address book to You

To offer its audiences quality shows at a lower cost.

Buy a production

Adding new productions to the repertoire

Rent a production

Introducing your audience to a new opera production

Selling a production​

Manage economic resources and environmental constraints more efficiently, free up storage space

Direct Benefits of OperaConnect

Expected benefits

For you, the purchaser, whatever the continent, you can offer your audience, at a lower cost, quality shows and thus bring back to life older, often legendary, productions .

Why sell ?

The sale of production enables storage costs to be reduced, generates positive financial flows for the seller and shows a "greening" of its production facilities. It is also a way for a medium-sized opera house to raise its profile and promote its brand internationallyl.

Why OperaConnect ?

OperaConnect saves you time and opens up its international address book. We prospect for You and introduce You to potential customers.

An eco-responsible approach

It's also an opportunity for both the seller and the buyer to improve their carbon footprint.

vendre une production

Entrust us with your productions, and stop destroying them!

Your opera house has a large number of productions.These productions take up space and you’d like them to generate income and free up space.

That’s where our company, OperaConnect, can help.

Join OperaConnect and sell or rent your productions to buyers all over the world.

Our partners

A partnership built on trust

Contact OperaCOnnect to discuss your requirements. After mutual agreement,  Opera Connect will give you the benefit of its international address book